Links to allsorts

Just a few links to external articles or projects i think are important

The Web’s Grain
by Frank Chimero
The Hamburger Menu Doesn’t Work
by James Archer
Death to Bullshit
by Brad Frost
Great User Experiences Require Great Front-End Development
by Jim Nieters, Amit Pandeand Uday M. Shankar
Plain English: The A – Z of alternative words
by Plain English Campaign
Readability Guidelines
by Content Design London
Design Resources for Developers
by Brad Traversy
Awesome Repositories
by Pawel Borkar
You Don’t Know JS
by Kyle Simpson
by Micorosft
Front-End Checklist
by David Dias
Frontend Development Bookmarks
by Tim Navrotskyy
The Art of Command Line
by Joshua Levy
List of Free Learning Resources In Many Languages
by EbookFoundation