Raycast: A New Find on Productivity Apps

What is Raycast?

Raycast is a new productivity app that has recently been gaining attention in the tech world. It is similar to MacOS Spotlight but with more customization options and features. It has a modular architecture, similar to SublimeText text editor, which allows users to customize the app to fit their specific needs and routines. In this blog post, I will discuss some of the interesting use cases I have found while using Raycast instead of Spotlight for the past month, and my thoughts on it.

Who is Raycast For?

The Raycast store, which offers a variety of add-ons to expand the app’s capabilities, suggests that the app is primarily aimed at developers and IT professionals. However, it is still worth a try for those who are not in the tech industry, as the store is growing with contributions from the open-source community and more add-ons for end-users, particularly in the productivity category, are being added.

Raycast vs Spotlight Alternatives

Raycast comes with a comprehensive manual to help new users get up and running quickly, and the community stories are a great source of ideas and real-world use cases from people with different workflows. In terms of features, Raycast is similar to other Spotlight alternatives such as Alfred. However, Raycast provides a much higher level of customization, with options for key bindings, aliases, and shortcuts. The UI is also cleaner and more organized than its competitors.

The only downside for those of us who are a bit lazy is that Raycast comes with a blank slate in terms of configurations. I read a blog post where someone replaced Raycast with the Rectangle window management tool, but I wish there were some default key mappings available. This is just a minor issue for most users, though, and should not be a major point of concern.

Overall, Raycast is a great productivity app, particularly for developers and IT professionals. It offers a high degree of customization and the UI is well-organized and easy to use. With the store growing with new add-ons and the open-source community contributing, it is likely to become even more powerful in the future.

In another post I will discuss some of the features that I find useful in the payed version of Raycast Pro which integrates Chat GPT 3.5 with the software which I think is a must have for any developer on Mac OS.

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