Twenty Twenty-Four – the Ultimate WordPress Theme

WordPress continues to evolve, bringing new features and improvements with every update. One key aspect that consistently receives attention is theme development. Of special note is the Twenty Twenty-Four theme, which has quickly ascended to the top of my list as the best starter template for building websites. But what makes Twenty Twenty-Four stand out from the crowd? Let’s dive into the features and capabilities that make it a game-changer for web developers and designers alike.

Full Site Editing Capabilities

One of the most significant features of Twenty Twenty-Four is its integration with Full Site Editing (FSE), a revolutionary change introduced in WordPress 6.4. One thing I hear mostly from clients is that they like to be able to control their sites. The block editor introduced that control to the user following an increase of similar drag/drop website page builders. This feature allows users to design and customise every part of their website using Gutenberg blocks. From headers to footers, sidebars to individual page sections, everything can be easily edited and styled within the WordPress editor. This flexibility empowers users to craft highly tailored designs without needing extensive coding knowledge. And with plugins like Advanced Custom Fields to build custom blocks or WP Stackable to extend the library of existing WordPress core blocks, the possibilities of control and style and endless.

Highly Customizable Templates

Twenty Twenty-Four introduces a wide range of customisable templates designed for different types of websites. Whether you are creating a personal blog, a portfolio site, an online store, or a corporate website, you can find a template that suits your project. These templates are highly adaptable, allowing you to tailor them to your specific requirements. They provide a solid foundation that not only saves you time but also simplifies the process. Simply select a template that aligns with your vision and customize it to achieve the perfect look. One remarkable feature of Twenty Twenty-Four is its lightweight structure, eliminating the need to manage multiple files and folders when structuring a page. By loading a template and utilising blocks, you can easily build your website without unnecessary complexity. It’s a straightforward and efficient!

Enhanced Performance and Speed

Performance is a critical factor in user experience and SEO rankings. Twenty Twenty-Four is optimised for speed and responsiveness, ensuring that your website loads quickly on all devices. Its lightweight design minimises unnecessary bloat, leading to faster load times and a smoother user experience. This optimisation not only benefits your site’s visitors but also helps improve your search engine rankings, making your site more discoverable.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Accessibility is no longer optional in modern web design; it’s a necessity. The Twenty Twenty-Four theme is built with accessibility in mind, adhering to best practices to ensure that your website is usable by everyone, including people with disabilities. Features like keyboard navigation, screen reader compatibility, and high-contrast modes are thoughtfully integrated, aiming to make the web a more inclusive space.

Seamless Integration with Popular Plugins

A great theme should work seamlessly with essential plugins, and Twenty Twenty-Four does just that. Whether you’re using WooCommerce for e-commerce, Yoast SEO for optimisation, or extending your site to create a more custom approach using Advance Custom Fields, Twenty Twenty-Four ensures smooth compatibility. This integration guarantees that you won’t run into conflicts while enhancing your site’s features.


The Twenty Twenty-Four WordPress theme rocks as the top choice for starting websites because of its awesome features, user-friendly setup, and flexibility. With Full Site Editing, customizable templates, speed boosts, accessibility perks, plugin support, plus a strong community, it’s a solid pick for any web project. Whether you’re starting fresh or giving an old site a facelift, Twenty Twenty-Four gives you a great base to craft a cool, functional, and up-to-date website. Lately, I’ve been either cloning the theme to create unique looks for my clients or making child themes. Whichever route I go, I always kick things off with the Create Block Theme plugin from WordPress. It’s seriously the best way to tackle all sorts of websites using WordPress.

Get started with Twenty Twenty-Four today and experience the cutting-edge capabilities of this versatile WordPress theme.

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